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asics womens kayano 23

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ÿþBased on your comments, I asics noosa tri think we do agree more than we disagree. My position would be that when it comes to the production of products that have the potential to alter biomechanics, either for the better or the worse (or maybe not at all), biomechanists should be at the forefront of all design decisions. I have heard stories from many that this is not the case at most major shoe companies. I have heard that good designs from a biomechanical standpoint can get sunk because they can't be marketed or because they don't meet aesthetic considerations. I have heard that marketing budgets vastly outstrip those for actual biomechanics research. I have heard that many good designers who are biomechanically oriented have left the business because they get frustrated by marketing departments.

I don't know the situation at ASICS, so I can't speculate on your situation, but I believe this process is backward. Biomechanics and science should be forefront build the best product for the runner based on sound science as you suggest. I do realize that products have to sell, but sometimes maybe taking a risk on a novel product is worth it because it's the right thing to do. Maybe make concept shoes on limited release to selected individuals see how asics outlet near me they work in practice before releasing to the broader public. If you do truly believe in variability, despite your comment that minimalism is "nonsense" like toning shoes, then I wish you had a lot more power to push ASICS in new directions.I also agree that the shoe fitting process is stuffed, but as Kevin points out in another comment, it's not easy to offer alternatives, and I realize this.

The marketers then asics shoes black had to ake a commercial decision, which is a reality of business. "I have heard that many good designers who are biomechanically oriented have left the business because they get frustrated by marketing departments. I don't know the situation at ASICS, so I can't speculate on your situation" I have been at ASICS for 30 years this year& the head biomechnist, Nishiwaki-san.. also head of research, not me.. has been there as long as I can remember. In my time as someone very involved.. 12years.. there has not been one single loss of a key design or research staff member. Remarkable.. I am sure will now scoff that maybe this is ASiCS "problem". I know the guys at Nike and adidas pretty well. Mario LaFortune, Gordon Valient and Jeff Piscotti.. have all been at Nike longer than I have been at ASICS.. all three asics shoes gel are the key biomechnists.. can speak for design team sorry, do not know. Adi.. the same.

It would be great to have lots of variety offered by EVERY manufacturer, but I understand that there is a substantial cost and risk involved in such a venture. In my opinion though it is well worth the cost & effort for every shoe company to have innovative shoes that span the most "minimal" to the utter "maximal" shoe choices. After all, if everyone with their differing biomechanics and personal preferences can find their own "perfect" shoe offered by their favorite manufacturer (we all have favorites), then the shoe industry will make their money while helping runners stay healthy and happy. Then maybe we can decrease the injury rate of runners, get more and more people running, reverse the obesity epidemic, and achieve world peace! I went a little too far there, but you guys know what I mean.but I can assure you that shoe stores still use these categories, and runners are still fit to Asics shoes based upon them (my wife was).

I hope this has answered some of your questions. I hope it has helped some of the other bloggers out there to understand that we are not the great evil, and we put a huge amount of time effort and money into trying to make running a safer sport for everyone. That is my one and only goal. Farnkly. I really never go into any project thinking "how many pairs of shoes will this sell".. you might not believe that but it really is true.. sales just aint my bag regards SimonWhere is your evidence that "it" isn't broken? Show me a study that show running injuries decreasing because of "20 years of progressive development." You can't. "This is how it has always been so we shouldn't change" is another way of saying your company is not interested in innovation. They used to think that blood letting helped get rid of disease.

Will Asics follow suit (a couple of old shoe styles asics womens kayano 23 don't really count)? For your livelihoods sake I hope so.Maybe this debate comes down to each individual or company's definition of "progressive". You may feel that Asics is progressive because the running shoe line is "updated" regularly. It seems to me that the updates are driven more by marketing than science. That is my opinion as a consumer. I won't buy Asics shoes because I feel that Asics is maintaining the status quo (e.g., lots of cushioning, pronation control devices) and, in my opinion, maintaining the status quo seems to Bild be directly at odds with the idea of progressive development.